Our Green Story

Ecore’s composition rubber products are manufactured with the treads of commercial truck tires. Ecore is North America's largest user of recycled scrap tire rubber. In 2018, we diverted more than 109.5 million pounds of truck tires from landfills. The tires we upcycle are ground into clean rubber granules, triple distilled to eliminate any metal, dirt, or fibers, and bound together using a water-based polyurethane polymer.

Ecore also produces a wide variety of cork products for industrial markets. Ecore is the only full-line U.S. manufacturer of cork and cork/rubber - products, which are manufactured from rapidly renewable and harvested resources - cork trees - to ensure the highest quality sustainable composition. Ecore's conscious raw material selections and production processes result in a diverse portfolio of durable and environmentally supportive product solutions for a broad variety of applications.

There have been questions about the safety of crumb rubber or recycled rubber chips. A number of states and associations in the U.S.A. have conducted independent, third-party tests that demonstrate, unequivocally, recycled rubber crumb poses NO RISK to people or pets. Please consult this study from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for more info.