High quality cork and nitrile bound material ideal for oil sealing in low, medium, and high bolting pressures
Product Description Rubber Density Tensile Comp. Recovery Flex Shore A
H 35
A nitrile/cork, high quality, highly compressible with good oil resistance. Nitrile 33 Lb/Ft3 200 min. PSI 35-45 @ 400 PSI 75 3 MAX 50-70 (+/- 10)
H 45
A nitrile/cork, high quality, medium compressibility with good oil resistance. Nitrile 40 Lb/Ft3 250 min. PSI 25-35 @ 400 PSI 75 3 MAX 55-75 (+/- 10)
H 55
A nitrile/cork with highest tensile and tear strength. Nitrile 45 Lb/Ft3 300 min. PSI 15-30 @ 400 PSI 75 3 MAX 60-80 (+/- 10)
250 SBN
A nitrile sponge with excellent oil, aromatic fuel, and solvent resistance. Nitrile 28 Lb/Ft3 75 min. PSI 35-50 @ 400 PSI 80 1 MAX 40-55 (+/- 10)

This product is ISO 9001 Certified

Ecore International’s Quality Management System for the manufacture and distribution of rubber, cork, and cork/rubber products for non-flooring applications has been certified to ISO 9001. Globally recognized and respected, ISO 9001 standards are set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a Geneva-based worldwide federation of national standard bodies. This certification demonstrates Ecore’s commitment to and implementation of a dedicated, systematic and quantifiable approach to quality-of-service standards through a rigorous auditing process. ISO 9001 standards specify organizational requirements in documentation, procedures and operations for a quality management system and are important for companies focused on demonstrating the ability to consistently provide products or services that meet customer satisfaction and applicable regulatory requirements.