Ecore Industrial offers a recycled rubber solution for virtually all of your industrial application needs. To determine what product will work best, please consult the recommended materials usage guide.

  • Industrial
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Transformer
  • Oils & Fuels
  • Sealing
  • Packaging
  • Anti-Vibration
  • Sound Insulation
  • Load Securement
Materials Usage Guide:
Application Ecore Industrial Solution
Air Compressors E-20, E-70, 100-N
Air Pumps E-50
Anti-Squeak Materials E-30, 166-SNW
Carburetors H-35, H-45, H-55
Chain Case Covers E-70
Cushioning Materials 250-SBN, 166-SNW, DRG-46, DR-101
Die Knockouts 250-SBN, 166-SNW
Dust Seals E-25
Electric Motors H-45, H-55
Electrical Barrier Materials E-20
Felt Replacement Materials 166-SNW, DR-101
Fuel & Oil Pumps H-35, H-45, H-55
Fire Hydrant Valves H-50, H-55
Garden Tractor Transmissions E-70, 100-N, E-20
Gas Pumps H-55
Gear Boxes DR-101, 100-N
Grease Retainers H-35, H-45
Heaters 100-N
Heat Exchangers H-55
Heat Pumps 100-N, H-55
Hydraulic Systems H-45, H-55
Intake Manifold Seals 250-SBN
Maintenance Repair Operations 100-N, H-35, H-45, H-55
Mirror & Lens Cushioning Materials E-25, 166-SNW, DR-101
Natural Gas Meters E-25, E-70
Oil Filters H-35, H-45, 250-SBN
Oil Pans DRG-46, E-70
Pipe Flanges E-50
Plumbing Fixtures E-30, 100-N, E-50
Pumps H-55, E-50
Radiators 100-N, E-50, E-30
Refrigeration Compressors 100-N, E-20
Small Engine Service H-45, H-55
Thermal Barrier Materials DR-101
Thermostats (Automotive) 100-N, E-30, E-40
Transmissions E-70, E-30, 100-N
Valve Covers E-70
Water Pumps (Automotive) H-55, E-50, E-30
Water Applications (General) N-101