Where are Ecore's Industrial products manufactured?

Ecore’s Industrial products are manufactured in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

How are Ecore’s Industrial products produced?

Cork & Cork Rubber

Composition cork consists of binder that is typically the natural resins in cork or other special polymeric binders. These binders coat each particle of cork and are joined together under pressure to form a solid mass. This may be either in block form that is then cut into sheet material or in log form to produce continuous rolls of product.

Cork/rubber production involves the introduction of rubber into the cork composition. This can also be molded into blocks for sheeting or pressed into continuous roll forms.


Ecore Industrial rubber products are produced by combining recycled SBR rubber granules with a polyurethane water-based polymer in large cylinders. The result is a polymerically bound cylinder of recycled rubber that can be peeled into rolls or molded into various shapes to fit specific project needs.

What is SBR?

SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) is the most widely used type of synthetic rubber. Its manufacturing involves copolymerization of three parts butadiene with one part styrene. Perhaps the most widely used application is tires.

SBR is Ecore International’s primary raw material for all rubber products. The scrap is cleaned to remove fiber, metal, and other impurities and is ground to specified sizes for use in manufacturing.

How much do Ecore Industrial products cost?

Prices vary by market. Click here to contact your sales representative for a quote.

Where are Ecore Industrial products used?

  • Composition Cork & Cork/Rubber
  • Gaskets & die cut parts
  • Expansion joints
  • Heat insulation
  • Underlayments
  • Bulletin boards
  • Radiator baffles & splash shields
  • Fuel tank pads
  • Suspension mounts & bumpers
  • Leisure equipment accessories
  • Sound & vibration absorption
  • Electrical boots
  • Truck bed mats
  • Trailer matting
  • Anti-fatigue matting
  • Non-skid surfaces
  • Mud flaps
  • Industrial seals
  • Gasket & die cut parts
  • Steam applications
  • Absorbers and insulators
  • Plumbing seals
  • Fluid sealing applications
  • High bolting pressure

What is your turn-around time on orders?

Typically 2-6 weeks.

Does Ecore have any third-party certification for products or manufacturing processes?

Ecore International’s Quality Management System for the manufacture and distribution of rubber, cork, and cork/rubber products for non-flooring applications has been certified to ISO 9001.Ecore International is the only company to certify that our composition cork material will meet U.S. Federal specification HHC-576b.

Composition Cork & Cork/Rubber products are approved by ATK, Orbital Sciences, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Boeing.

In what sizes and thickness are Ecore Industrial products offered?

  • Composition Cork and Cork/Rubber
    • 36”, 42”, & 48” rolls from 1/32” up to 1/4”
    • 36” x 36” & 28” x 50” sheets from 1/32” up to 1/2”
  • 7619 III, 8620, 8620
    • 7619 III: 36”, 42”, & 48” roll widths, 3mm – 12mm thick
    • 7620: 36”, 42”, & 48” roll widths, 1mm – 9.5mm thick
    • 8620: 36", 42", & 48" roll widths, 1mm - 8mm thick
  • RA-65
    • 36” & 48” wide rolls, 1/32” to 1/4” thick


  • Standard Tolerances
    • Thickness +/- .010 <
    • Width + ¾<-0<

Composition Cork

  • Standard Tolerances
    • Thickness +/- .010 <
    • Width + ¾<-0<


  • Standard Tolerances
    • Thickness +/- .015 <
    • Width + ¾<-0<
  • Complete Orders
    • Shipments within +/-5% of quantity ordered will be considered complete