SBR Rubber

Ecore International manufactures an extensive line of products made from recycled tire rubber or SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber). Ranging from low-density, soft materials to firm grade copolymers, Ecore has an SBR product that will fit your application needs.
Product Thickness Range Description Applications
6510 LC
3mm - 12mm A soft grade, easily compressed, low hardness, low tensile strength, porous SBR rubber having medium tear strength and elongation properties. Economical cushioning/anti-skid material for rooftop membrane protection, tool box liners, packaging materials and load securement.
3mm - 19mm A medium grade SBR rubber having a soft hardness with medium physical properties and high coefficient of friction, both wet and dry. Anti-fatigue, anti-slip and protective permeable matting. Also suitable for truck bed mats and cushioning applications.
7619 II
3mm - 15mm A lower porosity, higher density version of 7619 with a high coefficient of friction, both wet and dry. Anti-fatigue, anti-slip and protective matting where less permeability is required.
7619 III
3mm, 6mm, 8mm
3mm - 9.5mm
A medium-firm grade of SBR rubber having a medium hardness with a firm compression and high tensile strength, tear strength and elongation properties. Die cut non-fluid sealing automotive gauges, such as mud flaps. Fuel tank and Spacers. Wall liners for livestock trailers and agricultural matting.
2mm - 8mm A medium-firm grade SBR rubber having a firm compression and medium hardness tensile strength, tear strength, and elongation properties. Die-cut non-fluid sealing automotive/truck parts in thick gauges.

This product is ISO 9001 Certified

Ecore International’s Quality Management System for the manufacture and distribution of rubber, cork, and cork/rubber products for non-flooring applications has been certified to ISO 9001. Globally recognized and respected, ISO 9001 standards are set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a Geneva-based worldwide federation of national standard bodies. This certification demonstrates Ecore’s commitment to and implementation of a dedicated, systematic and quantifiable approach to quality-of-service standards through a rigorous auditing process. ISO 9001 standards specify organizational requirements in documentation, procedures and operations for a quality management system and are important for companies focused on demonstrating the ability to consistently provide products or services that meet customer satisfaction and applicable regulatory requirements.